About Yost Farm

In 1874 John and Catherine Yost, along with their infant son John, immigrated from Malmedy, Germany to St. Paul, MN (after Germany’s defeat in World War I, the Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to concede territories, including Malmedy, to Belgium). The town is also the site of the Malmedy Massacre, where 84 American prisoners of war where murdered by their German counterparts in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

Once arriving in the U.S., John and his family resided in the Como Park area of St. Paul where he worked on the railroad. In 1876, after two years of work and money saved up, the family headed west and through the Homestead Act, settled on 160 acres of land in Dublin Township near Murdock, MN.

During the early years of Yost Farm, the primary cash crops were oats, flax and wheat, it was not until the 1930s that corn eventually found it’s way into the crop rotation, followed by soybeans about two decades later. In the early 1960s the farm began feeding beef cattle. Presently, Yost Farm specializes in growing alfalfa, corn, edible beans, soybeans and sugar beets.  The farm (and affiliates) also operates a custom harvesting business, manages feed inputs for local dairies, pumps manure and runs a trucking fleet.

Our Goal

Yost Farm is a farming family business that believes its greatest asset are their employees and farming partners.  Our core values of integrity, respect and teamwork serve as the guiding principles in our daily operations.  Yost Farm is helping to feed a hungry world in a safe, affordable and sustainable manner.

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